Top 10 reasons to wear sunglasses

Top 10 reasons why you should wear sunglasses (besides looking cool).

Sunglasses are something we should all wear, no matter our age, and no matter how often we lose them. There are so many benefits to wearing sunglasses that Tower Clock Eye Center optometrists, Drs. Jolly and Servi, recommend they be worn year-round, as often as necessary.

Not all sunglasses are the same though, and darker lenses don’t necessarily mean more protection. People need to protect themselves from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays; patients need to check the label to assure their sunglasses block 99%–100% of both ultraviolet A (UV-A) and ultraviolet B (UV-B) radiation.

Now, without further ado, here are our top 10 reasons why you should wear shades:
  1. Sunglasses help reduce the risk of cancer of the skin around the eyes and eyelids.


  1. Sunglasses will help you look younger by reducing the amount of wrinkles around your eyes caused by squinting.


  1. Good shades will provide both UV-A and UV-B protection; UV exposure often leads to the formation of cataracts and macular degeneration.


  1. Sunglasses can act like a comfortable recliner for your eyes by reducing eye strain, which leads to more comfortable, easier vision. Better yet, we offer prescription sunglass options.


  1. Glare can cause accidents and a good pair of sunglasses can help reduce them, especially in winter or on the water. This is very beneficial while driving, boating and skiing.


  1. Sunglasses help the eye adapt to the dark quicker. Spending hours outside in bright sunlight will hamper the eye’s ability see better once it turns dark.


  1. Believe it or not but eyes can get sunburned just your like your skin. Photokeratitis, or sunburn of the eye, can be painful and cause several eye problems. Wearing your sunglasses will vastly reduce the risk of photokeratitis allowing for more comfortable vision.


  1. Eye safety, during activity such as running, cycling, boating or any other activity at speed is very important. Sunglasses help protect the eye against debris or dirt from affecting the eye.


  1. Wearing sunglasses help the eye from drying out. On windy days or while running or cycling, eyes can become dry and wearing sunglasses can help the eye retain moisture.


  1. Ok, ok… sunglasses look cool and you look cool in them. But with all the other added benefits of wearing shades, it’s just the icing on top that they make you look good, and feel good.

Tower Clock Eye Center optometrists suggest people wear sunglasses as often as possible, all year long. Be sure the lenses offer protection against both UV-A and UV-B protection. If you have issues with your vision caused by sunlight or not wearing sunglasses, call our office at 920 499-3102 to schedule an appointment.

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