INTACS® Corneal implants

INTACS® is a brand of intrastromal corneal ring segments used as a treatment for keratoconus offered at Tower Clock Eye Center.

These crescent shaped inserts are implanted to help reduce the effects of keratoconus, a progressive disorder that reduces vision over time.

How do INTACS® work?

During surgery your surgeon places INTACS through small incisions at the edge of the cornea. The implants have a crescent shape and slightly pull on the cornea to flatten it. This new shape helps light rays better focus on the retina. This correction improves functional vision, stabilizes corneal deterioration, and delays or reduces the need for a corneal transplant in the future.

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Candidates for INTACS® surgery

Patients need to meet two requirements to be considered a candidate for INTACS surgery:

  • Patients need to have keratoconus.
  • Patients need to have a stable refractive error.

Benefits of INTACS®

There are considerable benefits from INTACS surgery at Tower Clock Eye Center. Patients gain functional vision with glasses and/or contacts; the return of a natural dome-shaped cornea improves vision. INTACS has proven a safe and effective treatment for mild keratoconus. Iif an issue occurs, the implants are both replaceable and removable. Surgery is minimally invasive, and no tissue is removed during surgery. INTACS reduces or delays the need for a corneal transplant surgery.

For more information about INTACS or to schedule your appointment, please call (920) 499-3102.

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