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Routine vs Medical eye care at Tower Clock Eye Center

Navigating Eye Care: Knowing the Differences Between Medical and Routine Eye Care

When it comes to maintaining healthy vision, regular eye care is essential. The doctors and staff at Tower Clock Eye Center treat the eyes in many ways, from routine eye care to surgical intervention for cataracts, glaucoma and cornea-related issues. Because of this, not all eye care visits are the same. Understanding the distinctions between […]

Dr. Matthew Thompson, MD. of Tower Clock Eye Center talks about eyes changing color.

Pinguecula explained

Watch Dr. Matthew Thompson, MD, describe what a pingueculum is and how they’re treated at Tower Clock Eye Center. These non-cancerous growths on the conjunctiva are fairly common and caused by sun exposure.  

Tower Clock Eye Center's Dr. Kunal Patel, MD.

Is eye rubbing safe?

We all do it, sometimes because our eyes are dry or irritated, or because it’s been a long day, or maybe you have something in your eye and rubbing it feel good. For whatever reason, check out this brief video from Dr. Kunal Patel, MD, as he tells you about the safety of rubbing your […]

Tower Clock Eye Center: Understanding normal eye pressure

Understanding Normal Eye Pressure: A Vital Aspect of Eye Health

Healthy eye pressure, also known as intraocular pressure (IOP), is essential for maintaining the normal shape and function of the human eye. IOP that is higher than your eye can tolerate can lead to glaucoma, a leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. Tower Clock Eye Center physicians understand that proper eye pressure measurement and management […]

Dr Kunal Patel, MD, of Tower Clock Eye Center instructs staff in Green Bay and Appleton Wisconsin

Dr. Patel instructs staff on eyelid conditions

Last night Kunal Patel, MD, presented Review of Common Eyelid Conditions to Tower Clock Eye Center techs and other staff. The presentation gave those in attendance added insight into several diseases and remedies for eyelid maladies. Our doctors regularly hold such events to further educate staff to provide our patients the best possible care.

Tower Clock Eye Center's Dr. Matthew Thompson, MD, describes how foreign bodies are removed from the eye.

Foreign body removal

We’ve all been there, happily going about our day when something finds its way into our eye.  Ugh! March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month, but Dr. Matt’s video below rings true for life both in and out of work. Learn how Tower Clock Eye Center physicians remove foreign bodies from the eye, and the importance […]

Dr. Kunal Patel, MD, presents to the Green Bay Area Retired Men's Club.

Dr. Patel presents to GBARMC

Today, Dr. Kunal Patel, MD, entertained (and was entertained by) 121 members of the Green Bay Area Retired Men’s Club. Dr. Patel presented on eye health, stressed the importance of yearly eye exams, and discussed eye diseases such as cataracts, AMD and glaucoma. Tower Clock Eye Center doctors enjoy presenting to community groups to share […]

Dr. Matthew Thompson, MD. of Tower Clock Eye Center talks about eyes changing color.

Do eyes change color?

Have you noticed your eyes apparently changing colors as you age? Check out Dr. Matt explain this phenomenon and it’s simple explanation. #towerclockeyecenter #eyecare #eyecolor #weirdeyestuff

Tower Clock Eye Center optometrist Dr. Michael Servi discusses severe dry eye treatments.

Severe dry eye treatment

Watch Tower Clock Eye Center optometrist Dr. Michael Servi, OD, discuss severe dry eye treatments including bandage soft contact lenses, serum tears and scleral lenses. Most dry eye cases are treated with drops or punctal plugs, but severe dry eye cases require specialized care from the physicians at Tower Clock Eye Center. For appointments call […]

Dr. Patel presents to LLI

Yesterday Dr. Kunal Patel presented a class to the UWGB Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) on common eye conditions on campus. Over 70 attendees learned about cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye and many other eye diseases. Dr. Patel discussed the basics of eye care, such as the difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist, to more in […]

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Appleton surgery center update

Our Appleton surgery center is getting closer to opening its doors! We look forward to serving the Fox Cities with our patient-centered brand of ophthalmologic services! We look to open in late summer or early autumn.

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