The advantages of surgery at Tower Clock Surgery Center

Tower Clock Eye Center has the unique advantage of offering surgery at a physician-owned ambulatory surgery center (ASC). Tower Clock Surgery Center is the centerpiece of our dedication to providing patients superior eye care. Tower Clock Surgery Center was built from the ground up with the sole focus of making eye surgery a better, less expensive, more convenient experience for our patients.

Our surgery center offers many advantages including:

Convenience – Performing only eye surgery at our surgery center means your surgery is scheduled promptly and appointment times are flexible to fit your schedule. Our surgeons don’t have to wait for equipment or operating rooms to be free, so you can expect your surgery to be on time. Our outpatient procedures mean you’ll be recuperating in the comfort of your own home the same day as your surgery.

Lower Cost – Surgical costs at ASCs are often 30-40% less when compared to the same procedures in hospital operating rooms. Because of this, patients usually pay less coinsurance and lower copays for surgeries performed at Tower Clock Surgery Center.

Friendlier atmosphere – We pride ourselves in offering a more relaxed environment at Tower Clock Surgery Center. Our patients never feel like just a pair of eyes, rather we take the time to get to know you and your vision goals. We are a family-owned practice and you’ll notice it in how we work to treat our patients as a member of the Tower Clock Eye Center family.

Physician-owned – Our surgery center is owned and operated by Tower Clock Eye Center surgeons. Our surgeons determine what is best for our patients based on sound medical judgment and the current standard of care.

Technology – Since our ASC is physician-owned, our surgeons (not administrators) make all of the decisions related to operating room technology and new equipment purchases. This means that we are able to implement cutting-edge technology faster than large multi-specialty groups. We pride ourselves in offering the very best equipment and embrace new technology in order to offer our patients better outcomes.

Specialization – By specializing in only eye surgery, we are able to offer our patients an efficient surgical experience. This specialization also means quality outcomes performed by highly skilled, dedicated teams specially trained to give you the best possible ophthalmological care. Studies have shown ASCs have higher satisfaction rates versus traditional hospital settings.

To learn more about Tower Clock Surgery Center or to make an appointment with our clinic, call 920 499-3102.

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