Purchasing new glasses during COVID-19

Shopping for new glasses used to be as simple as stopping by your local optical and trying on several frames until you find the pair that best suits your individual style.


But COVID-19 changed all that.


At Tower Clock Eye Center we strive to make purchasing new glasses as simple – and safe – as possible. Our optical procedures have changed a bit to assure a safe, positive experience, in addition to getting you some great new frames for your particular lifestyle.

To start, in order to maintain social distancing measures, we request our patients and customers call ahead or make an appointment to shop our vast selection of frames. With space somewhat limited, this allows us to better control the amount of people browsing our frames at any given time, assuring a safer shopping experience.

Tower Clock Eye Center requires face masks while in our clinic. If you don’t have one, we can supply one. Additionally, before entering our clinic, you’ll be asked a series of health-related COVID-19 questions and have your temperature taken.

Upon entering the optical department, you’ll be asked by one of our all-star opticians if you’d like help selecting new frames. Having placed thousands of frames on thousands of faces, they have the experience and know-how to best determine which frame styles work best for your specific facial features.

We have all the latest styles of fashion eyewear from brands such as Coach, Vera Wang, Dana Buchman, Penguin and Nike, to name a few. When trying on individual frames, we ask you to set them aside after you’ve tried them on so they can be properly disinfected and cleaned before being returned to the display; our team uses specific eyeglass-friendly cleaners to disinfect our frames. Cleaning these frames gives patients the assurance of a clean and safe buying experience.

Once a new frame is selected, the process continues as it did before COVID-19 with our opticians discussing insurance coverage and the vast variety of lens options.

Once your new glasses are complete, we’ll call you for pick up. If they need to be fitted or adjusted to your face, we’ll have you enter the clinic again with the same process of entering the clinic as before. We also offer curbside pick-up when appropriate.

Our goal for each patient and customer is to have a safe, positive shopping experience. If you’d like to browse our selection of frames, or if you have questions about our optical or clinic procedures in the time of COVID-19, please call us at 920 499-3102.

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